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Abadan Protibondhi Unnyan Shomobay Shamity

A Disabled Peoples Organization (DPO) in Natore district of Bangladesh

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Our activities

  • Provide assistance to members in meeting their food, clothing, shelter, medical, education, social security, etc. needs.
  • Encourage members to save money and provide consultation on how to reduce harmful expenses.
  • To run the organization through equality, unity, solidarity, honesty, cooperation and accountability of the members.
  • To build a movement against child marriage, dowry system, acid abuse
  • Raising awareness about health, sexual and reproductive health and rights, family planning
  • Taking action against negative thoughts and stigma, and superstition against persons with disabilities.
  • Microfinance, livestock farms, fish farming in leased ponds, employment of poor persons with disabilities, rehabilitation, skills development, trainings.
  • Disability friendly cultural activities for the entertainment of persons with disabilities.
  • Adopt various programs to ensure inclusion of persons with disabilities at all levels of society and state.
  • Inclusion in the mainstream by awareness raising against discrimination, neglect and oppression of women with disabilities.